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Employment: Your future. Your world.

Studying in Australia gives you a competitive edge.

One of the great advantages of gaining an Australian qualification is the opportunities it will provide you when it comes time to find employment. No matter where you want to start your career, your qualification will be recognised as a mark of a quality education.

Employers in Australia and around the world hold Australian graduates in high esteem. Thousands of graduates are recruited every year in all career fields. From traditional fields, such as business, finance, law and medicine, to emerging industries, such as environmental sustainability, digital media, biotechnology, nanotechnology and e-commerce, your Australian qualification will provide you with an excellent platform from which to further your career.

Employment assistance

Many Australian universities and higher education institutions offer returning home seminars for international students. These seminars will prepare you to re-enter your home country and provide advice on finding a job.

There are a number of recruitment companies in Australia and around the world that offer careers counselling and link graduates with prospective employers. Many large corporations run their own graduate recruitment service, and value graduates with international experience such as an Australian qualification.

The Australian Government has also been very active in developing Memoranda of Understanding and qualifications recognition between Australia and other countries. They can also advise you where to find information about employment and further study opportunities in Australia and in your country.

Skilled Migration Program

The Australian Government skilled migration program targets young people who have skills, an education and outstanding abilities that will contribute to the Australian economy. International students with Australian qualifications account for about half the people assessed under the skilled migrant program. For up-to-date information on the program, visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s website.

Returning Home to Work

During your final year you should research the labour market in your home country and explore the career options available to you. Spend some time focusing on your job search.

Some useful tips are to:

  • identify the employers you wish to work for, find out how and where to apply and the closing dates for applications;
  • become an expert jobseeker; get some help from your university/college careers service; and
  • look online for careers websites in your home country. Also visit employer websites, research their products and services, and discover information on recruitment processes.

Most employers will not employ someone 'sight unseen' which means that for most students the real job search begins at home. If your university has an alumni association, be sure to join as soon as you arrive home as the people you meet may be helpful contacts in your job search. Also let your friends, family and their friends know what sort of job you are looking for, and ask for contacts.


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