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Getting started

Use these steps if you intend to travel to Australia on a student visa. Note the application process may vary depending on your country of nationality.

If you have visited the Study Wizard on this website you can return to your client profile and continue through the application and enrolment process.

If you don’t have a client profile you can still browse the six steps, which will help you plan and apply for your studies in Australia.

Education agents

Education agents can help you to find and enrol in a course of study. Agents are used to help international students to make applications and apply for visas. If you decide to work through an education agent, ensure that you understand what services the agent will provide and anything that you are expected to do yourself.

Most do not charge for their service, as they collect a commission from your education provider. However, some agents do charge small amounts or offer additional services for which they charge. Ensure that you discuss fees and charges with your education agent before entering into any agreements. If you enrol in a course or a package of courses through an education agent, you may also choose to discuss the structure of the course in detail with the agent so that you are sure that it is right for you.

Make sure that the agent provides you with a written agreement that you sign with the provider, which will detail the fees that you will pay along with other information (see the section above on “Agreements and Transfers”). Make sure you read any forms that you sign carefully, as these are legally binding contracts and also make sure you keep a copy of the receipt for payments made on your behalf.

Ensure that any education agent you approach is a legitimate operator with a good reputation. While most are honest in their dealings, there have been some instances of students being defrauded by unscrupulous operators. Find out if the agent is registered and if their business has a successful operating history. Ask friends and relatives with overseas study experience for advice. Education agents who have completed the Education Agent Training Course (EATC) provided by Pier Online are listed on their website at www.pieronline.org/eatc

Note that education agents are independent operators, and none are endorsed or supported by the Australian government.

Providers are required to publicly list all their agents on their website. This will give you more information about who agents work for, which is important as some receive commissions when they refer you to a particular provider.

Read more about the requirements of providers in using an education agent in the National Code Explanatory Guide at http://aei.gov.au/AEI/ESOS

Get information and advice on using an education agent (pdf 347kb | rtf 135kb).

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