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Vocational education and training

Australia - a place where work and study meet

Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) institutions offer the opportunity to hone your skills in real and simulated work environments. The practical expertise you gain in the workplace will give you a genuine advantage over other graduates.

At these institutions, you can study a wide range of disciplines, including: business and management, science and technology, design and arts, communications, sport and recreation, community service and health, tourism and hospitality, engineering and building, horticulture and land management and English.

Programs are provided by public Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Institutes, private colleges and a number of schools and universities. Industry and Government work together to develop training outcomes, which are then implemented according to nationally endorsed training packages.

This allows you to apply knowledge learnt inside the classroom, outside in the real world. You learn by doing, rather than just reading from textbooks. Your initial qualification can be built on to achieve higher qualifications, provide the basis to begin or change a career, or assist with further study at university.

You can also use this training as a pathway to other avenues of higher education. Depending on your qualification, universities may provide you with credit towards a Degree. This gives you the practical skills as well as the theory from a university Degree. You’ll leave Australia with two qualifications that are recognised around the world—a major advantage over other graduates.

Practical qualifications offered in Australia

You can choose these courses anywhere in Australia. You can achieve an AQF qualification (usually at Certificate or Diploma level) in specialised areas of study.

Like all Australian institutions, your courses will meet rigorous quality checks. To find out more about how the Australian Government ensures you receive the world-class education you deserve, go to the quality assurance page.


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