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Important information

AusLIST can help you to identify courses which meet Australia’s registration, accreditation and quality assurance standards. However there are some important things to be aware of when you use AusLIST.

  • AusLIST may not have a complete list of institutions and courses available in your country. This is because listing on AusLIST is voluntary for institutions, and some may choose not to be listed. If you’re interested in an institution or course but can’t find it on AusLIST, check the Australian Qualifications Framework register;
  • AusLIST does not include Australian courses delivered offshore through online or distance education only. If you are interested in an online or distance education course, check its status with the institution and the AQF register. You can find out more on our distance education page;
  • Inclusion of a course on AusLIST means that the qualification it leads to is a genuine Australian qualification. However, this does not guarantee that the Australian qualification will be formally recognised in your country. Before enrolling, talk to the relevant authorities in your country or ask the contact person for the course which is shown on AusLIST; and
  • Before enrolling in a course, speak with the institution to ensure that course is right for you. Make sure to ask them for further details on how to enrol and on any prerequisites for the course.


The information on AusLIST:

  1. is provided in good faith;
  2. is drawn from sources considered to be reliable and accurate at the time the information was made available; and
  3. is not intended to induce any person to rely on it. 

Every effort has been made to ensure information on AusLIST is accurate, however the Australian Government does not warrant the suitability of the information for your purposes.  The Australian Government recommends that users seek independent advice before acting on any information provided on this site.

Definition of AusLIST terms

Term Definition
Australian institution Australian institution. The name of the Australian institution which will issue the qualification.
Local institution Local institution. The name of the overseas institution which will deliver the training.
Address Address. The address of the location where the training is delivered outside of Australia.
Course type Course type. The Australian education sector which the course is part of, e.g. higher education, vocational education and training, schools or English language training.
Course level Course level. The level of the qualification, e.g. Advanced Diploma, Bachelor.
Campus operation type:
Stand alone
Campus operation type: Stand alone. This means that the course, curriculum, teaching and the provision of learning support and infrastructure is the sole responsibility of the Australian institution.
Campus operation type:
Campus operation type: Partnership. This means that the responsibility for the course curriculum, teaching, and learning support and infrastructure is shared with other organisations, such as through partnerships with other institutions, sub-contracting of services, or franchising. The Australian institution has responsibility for academic oversight of the arrangement and for issuing the AQF qualification.


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