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Study in your own country

In 2007, over 100,000 students chose to study for their Australian qualification this way.

Find the course that’s right for you

AusLIST is a searchable, online directory that will help you find:

  • Australian institutions;
  • the courses they offer to students living outside Australia; and
  • the countries where the courses are delivered.

You can search AusLIST by your country of residence, Australian institution or course to find the qualification that best meets your needs.

Australia’s quality assurance

On AusLIST you will find institutions and courses that meet Australia’s registration, accreditation and quality assurance standards.

Institutions on AusLIST must:

  • be approved education and training providers;
  • agree to deliver courses in other countries to a standard that is comparable to courses delivered in Australia; and
  • sign a Provider Declaration to that effect.

Before you begin searching AusLIST there are some important things to be aware of.  You can find out more information here.


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