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International recognition and innovation

Australian scientists and researchers have been responsible for many advances in business and industry, and have made significant contributions in medical science. Their investigations through the years have had a profound impact on the lives of ordinary people around the world and have won prestigious international awards including eight Nobel Prizes.

Australians are acknowledged for being dynamic and innovative. Australia has been a pioneer in solar energy research and Australian scientists are investigating other potential energy sources. Australian advances in technology include the development of an internationally accepted aircraft landing system, the black box flight recorder, bionic ear implants, a heart pacemaker and computer hardware and software. Australia is also at the forefront of producing new technologies such as our wave-piercing ocean catamarans, solar-powered cars and the revolutionary orbital engine.

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Nobel Prizes awarded to Australians
2005 Medicine
1996 Medicine
1975 Chemistry
1973 Literature
1963 Medicine
1960 Medicine
1945 Medicine
1915 Physics


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