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Safe, multicultural society

Australia is a safe, friendly and harmonious country. When you arrive you may find yourself struck by the friendliness and hospitality of the people. Imagine: you’ve left your country behind, yet somehow, you’ve arrived home.

Australia is a very safe country compared with almost anywhere in the world. Political unrest is limited in Australia, crime rates are low and strict gun control laws provide a safe environment.

Australians value the wealth of cultural diversity and social sophistication that international students bring to our campuses and communities. We take great care in looking after international students and helping them adjust to the Australian way of life.

Australians are open, friendly people and you will receive a warm welcome. Many students living in Homestay situations experience Australian family life in a natural, friendly way and often they find themselves treated like a family member. Wherever you live – Homestay, boarding school, or campus accommodation – you will discover many opportunities to make lasting friendships.

You can get further information on how members of various ethnic groups live in Australia at the DIAC website.

More multicultural information is available at:


Australia has no official state religion and people are free to practice any religion they want as long as they are not breaking the law. Australia is a predominantly Christian country, with around 64 per cent of all Australians identifying as Christians. However, most other major religious faiths are also practised, reflecting Australia’s culturally diverse society.

Of the 22 major religions of the world all except three are practised in Australia. Most universities and communities within Australia have facilities and places of worship for all types of religions. Ask your international student officer about facilities at your educational institution.

For more information about religion in Australia visit www.dfat.gov.au/facts/religion.html



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